Mikal Johnson
Imagination Corporation

War of Grace

New Cover
Second Printing

ISBN-10: 1480063487
ISBN-13: 978-1480063488
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Kindle version also available.

It is the mid-1990s and Pericles Durham, an ordinary man living an average life, finds himself caught up in an extraordinary conflict; an age old struggle between two secret societies.

Old Cover
First Printing

Though he does not believe in it, Perry finds himself compelled to begin a search for a fabled object. His quest will take him from suburban life to places that were ancient when America was just a dream, knowing all along that he will either find his destiny or his doom. This First Printing version is still available on Amazon.com.

Shadows and Grace

Shadows and Grace Cover

ISBN-10: 1477595333
ISBN-13: 978-1477595336
a NaNoWriMo award-winning novel
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Kindle version also available.

The long awaited companion novel to War of Grace is now

Running concurrent to that of Perry Durham in the prior book, this is the story of Sigmund Ritter, an evil man who kills for a living. He rages through life with no concern for anyone or anything. There is no act too evil, for he does not believe in the distinctions we call "good and evil." That is, until tragedy causes him to question everything he has ever been told.

Can a man act so wickedly that there is no grace that can save him? Or does grace extend itself to even to worst amongst us?

A much darker, and grittier tale than War of Grace.

The Winds of All Worlds


ISBN: 978-1-461-1893-43
a NaNoWriMo award-winning novel
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"I'll tell you the story 'bout the the joker and the thief..."

Alternate realities. Interdimensional travel. Strange beings living between the various worlds.

When Philip Neri invented the Transport System to make instantaneous travel to all points of the globe possible, he did not envision any of these things. Neither did he expect that his lifelong friend, Nick Myra, would steal his plans and sell them to the government.

Six years later, at his 40th birthday party, Philip drunkenly decides to unveil his updated version of the TranSys, the TransDev, to his unsuspecting guests. In an instant, eleven people are whisked away to worlds that should not exist without any apparent way home. And the common factor of all of these strange, parallel earths is a giant Tower, dominating the horizon.

What is the Tower? What are the animal headed monsters that rule these other worlds? And will any of Philip’s friends survive long enough to find out?

Not the Worst Short Stories

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Like its predecessor, Not the Worst Poetry, this is a retrospective collection.

Presented as close to their original form as possible, it is a chronological record of the author's progression as a writer.

From The Short Story (About a Spy) in 1984 to 2003's Future Ghosts, this book contains the essential early works by the author.

The Armor of the Knight of Christ

A study of Ephesians 6:10-18, this booklet was originally intended as part of a larger work called the Codex Milites Christi. It draws out the comparisons made by the Apostle Paul between the pieces of the components of a Roman soldier's armor and the spiritual components needed to stand in a fallen world.

Not the Worst Poetry

A distillation of a much larger collection, this sampling of poetry written from the early 1980s to the first years of the 21st century is aptly titled.

The author has never taken himself seriously as a poet (hence the title), but does feel a few items are worth sharing. Those few are cleverly hidden in this book.